Actionable IOI's

Block Event gives participants the ability to send out their own IOI's if they wish. Importantly, Block Event IOI's do not disclose the size of the order and only appear when the order is within limit. Because every IOI is linked to a live order, every IOI is real and actionable. Traders can be certain that when they send an order in response to an IOI, they will trade instantly. There is no fishing for orders, no fading and no unintended information leakage. Sending IOI's substantially increases the chances of orders being matched.

Off - unless an IOI is sent by the participant, the order will remain completely dark.

On - sends an IOI to buy-side participants disclosing the direction of an order and whether the trader is prepared to trade at Mid or VWAP.

IOI's can be accessed through the following trading systems:

  • Bloomberg


  • Newport (Instinet)

  • Triton (ITG)