Articles of Interest


Block Event opens India and ASEAN equities, 28 August 2017

“Block Event is pleased to announce that it has commenced trading in India and ASEAN equity markets as it continues the rollout of its platform across Asia."

Australian block trading venue Block Event expands trading into Hong Kong equities, 6 February 2017

“Block Event provides its clients a safer and more innovative way to execute block sized trades and minimise their market impact. Access to natural block liquidity is critical to best execution."


Avoiding Toxic Trading: Lessons Learned from the Australian Equity Market, Tabb Forum, 16 December 2016

“Many market participants complain that high-frequency traders are ‘toxic’ and negatively impact institutional trading costs. A recent study, however, found that while there was a group of HFT traders whose activity was toxic to institutional investors, another group’s activity was consistently beneficial. Here’s how to identify the toxic traders."

Dark-Pool Firm Started by Bankers to Enter Hong Kong and Japan, Bloomberg, 7 September 2016

“Block Event, an Australian equity-trading venue, will expand a business that combines the attributes of a dark pool and a sales desk into Hong Kong and Japan by the end of the year."

Trading venue aims to counter Aussie shares liquidity issues, Investor Strategy News, 10 July 2016

“Block Event is a venue where the investors can be transparent about their aims without fear of being ‘front-run’ by high frequency and other algorithmic traders."

The Evolution of the Buy-side Trader, Global Trading, 3 July 2016

“One of the biggest challenges facing any buy-side trading desk is sourcing blocks to trade...against the backdrop of increasingly fragmented markets.”

James Li, Head of Asian Dealing, Baring Asset Management

‘Unearthing’ Liquidity, Markets Media, 2 June 2016

“Block trading below the largest six or eight dozen names in the stock market requires “unique liquidity that you’re probably not going to find in traditional dark pools, and certainly not in the lit markets.”

Driving IOI Reform, Global Trading, 28 May 2016

“The problem with IOIs has always been the lack of transparency because of the perceived interpretation that brokers sometimes were fishing with IOIs – that they weren’t real.”

George Molina, Director of Asian Trading, Franklin Templeton

Bringing back the block, Thomson Reuters, 9 March 2016

“The ability to execute a natural block has traditionally been and still remains the panacea of equity trading.”


Between a block and a hard place, Global Trading, 11 December 2015

“ the face of regulation, scandal and increased research into the effects of high speed markets and price volatility, there appears to be an inclination to defragment the market in terms of a return to block trades; in effect, putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.”

Huw Gronow, Head of Trading, Europe and Asia, Principal Global Equities

Can regulators help bring back the block, TABB Forum, 21 October 2015

“Sixty-seven percent of buy-side equity traders in the US, UK and Europe report that they place more importance on finding natural blocks than on choice of venue, broker or strategy...yet just a third have actively moved back to blocks from schedule-based trading.”

Rebecca Healey, TABB Group